Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Moroccan discount accommodation in Fez riad

A discount of 40% is being offered by Riad Laaroussa - but there is a catch! It is only for a very limited time and you will probably need to be quick. The discount is only available for the first week in February and also the first week in March.

Discount accommodation is almost unheard of in Fez, but one of our favourite super-riads has decided to make a move in that direction. It is a good sign of competition in the market place and hopefully other riads will respond by lowering some of their prices. The value-adding of free Moroccan cooking lessons is also a smart move as Moroccan cooking has become popular worldwide and a chance to learn in Morocco is bound to be popular.

Contact Riad Laaroussa,
3 Derb Bechara, Fes-Medina, Morocco .
+212 74 187 639