Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Motherhood Image and Identity

I am part of the editorial team of the Imagining Ourselves exhibit, a global, multilingual online exhibit featuring art, photographs, essays and film by young women in their twenties and thirties. For the past ten months, we have been featuring essays and artwork of young women around the world in an effort to answer the question, “What defines your generation?” and to inspire people to take action on the vital social issues raised through this platform.

We are currently seeking submissions on Motherhood, Image and Identity and an online film festival. We want to reach out to young Arab women (and those in the Diaspora) to amplify their voices, talk about issues they face and focus on the issue from their perspective-- but really looking at personal stories. Their stories and experiences would bring an invaluable perspective to the exhibit.

We really want to be able to reach out and include as many diverse perspectives from all over the world.

I was wondering if you or any of the contributors on your blog would be interested in submitting their work for consideration or if you could recommend people that I could get in touch with.

For more information, contact:
Sadaf Siddique,
Imagining Ourselves
International Museum of Women
PO Box 190038
San Francisco, CA 94119
telephone: +1 415-543-4669 X 25
telefax: +1 415-543-4668