Thursday, 25 January 2007

Writing workshop and Moroccan tour

Kasbahs, Mint Tea and Medinas is a writing study tour of Morocco.

Writing Workshop Details

Morocco Study Tour with writers Beth Yahp and Sandy McCutcheon
23 March – 9 April 2007

Workshop #1A (Casablanca): Introduction to the tour
and Morocco, with our special guest, Moroccan writer
Laila Lalami.

Workshop #1B (Tangier): Theme: Arrivals/ Beginnings;
the Writer's Journal revisited: using your five
senses; Description: Taking a Word Picture.

Workshop #2 (Fez): Theme: The Spectacle, the Art of
Café-Sitting; Capturing a Place in Action; Writing a
Scene; getting under the skin of a place and people.

Workshop #3 (Fez): Theme: Interactions;
Culture/difference; Point of view/ Worldview; Writing
across Borders & Mindsets; mini-journey exercise).

Workshop #4 (Fez): Theme: Special Interest Features:
Writing About Food/ Art/ Craft etc. Finding the focus
that drives a story; How to Travel and Research;

Workshop #5 (Fez): Theme: Spirit Places, Spirit
Electricity; Place & Creativity, using vulnerability;
the ethnographic essay; practicing creativity while
you travel and at home.

Workshop #6 (Fez): Music and the Muse: listening &
dialogue; rhythm & music in writing

Workshop #7 (Fez): Theme: Journeys: Melding the Inner
and Outer; Mapping Space & Time, Movement and
Experience; Focus and Trajectory in your writing;

Workshop #8 (Marrakech): Theme: Practicalities:
Writing Practice, from first draft to publication;
Writing for an audience; Publishing advice.

If you are interested please contact before February 5. Places are limited.