Monday, 19 February 2007

Postcards wanted!

Greetings from Calgary, Canada. I am a retired airline worker and
stamp collector, now attempting to have a postcard mailed to me from every country in the world. Currently I have received cards from 122 different countries. I would like to add Morocco to my list, making it number 113.I have been attempting to receive a postcard from Morocco for quite some time now, but with no luck.Actually I have had very little luck at all with Africa , only 5 or 6 cards total from there. Since I don't know anyone there , I try for contact through blogs such as yours. Hopefully , I'll get a little lucky.

I would really appreciate it , if you could mail a postcard to me to help out in my quest. My name and address is :

Glenn Moores
11303 Coventry Blvd NE
Calgary, Alberta
Canada, T3K 4A4
No envelope required, just a stamped postcard with a few comments as you see fit is all that's required. Hope to hear from you and thanks in advance.Feel free to check out my profile at

Best regards,