Monday, 16 April 2007

Property Management Services in the Medina

As a longtime Fez visitor and recent owner of property in the Medina, I have long wondered what happens to houses when homeowners leave their property for the summer or longer. Do you want your halka opened and closed regularly while you are away? Would you like fresh flowers upon your arrival?

With increased attention and ownership levels rising in the Medina, I have decided to move to Fez permanently in late May and start a property management company. At this time, I am posting this advertisement (Many thanks to ‘The View’) both as an introduction to my planned services as well as a means to let potential home and guesthouse owners that there will be such assistance available soon.

I will be building a team of reliable locals who will, on a regular basis, clean and maintain properties as well as provide food and decorative options for homeowners and guests. Upon agreement with the owners and staff members, I will keep in contact personally with owners and guests with regular updates and special requests.

Proposed Services will include the following:


+ Maintain payments for guests and rentals

+ Pay all bills including telephone, taxes, maintenance, and construction crews

+ Provide Monthly or Quarterly Management Reports summarizing maintenance performed, areas where maintenance is needed, and other problems

+ Answer questions, problems and complaints of owners and guests

Cleaning and Maintenance

+ Organization and personal supervision of cleaning teams before, during and after a stay

+ Organization and personal supervision of all maintenance issues including regular checks of appliances, gas tanks, drains, halkas even lightbulbs

+ Minor repairs


+ Preparation of breakfast and/or other meals at owners’ request with local or international cuisine

+ Stocking of refrigerator prior to owners’ arrival in Fez

+ Restaurant referrals in and out of the Medina for paying guests


+ Fresh flowers, fine soaps, pressed sheets and towels, music and dvd’s: if you have special requests, I can provide the added personal touch for you and your guests

+ Owing to the demand for “authentic” Moroccan or Fez handicrafts, if you would like a new set of cushions or a new kilim to be purchased for your home or as a gift, I can act as a personal shopper for all tastes and budgets

About Me

A practicing architect, architectural historian and photographer, I received my PhD in art history from the UCLA in 2006. Near fluent in Italian and French, I have extensive experience living and working abroad including 2.5 years in India and most recently 4 years in Rome, Italy. My first book, Flames of Devotion, formed the basis of an exhibition of South Asian ritual sculpture I curated at the Fowler Museum in Los Angeles. I am currently completing two books of essays and photographs concerning modern Italian architecture. I graduated with honors from Cornell and Princeton Universities. My interest in the conservation of vernacular architectures has led to work and extensive research in West Africa, South and Southeast Asia and most recently, Afghanistan.

If you are interested in any or all of these planned services, or, if you would like to discuss other options not mentioned here, please contact me at the following e-mail address: