Friday, 16 November 2007

Sideboard needed in Fez!

We are after a nice sideboard for Dar Mystere to keep our plates and stuff in and not our beer as that cheeky Cockney duo Chaz & Dave sang of in "Got My Beer in the Sideboard Here".

As we're based in the UK most of the time, visits to Fez are fairly frantic especially when we have the kids in tow. Last time there was at the end of Ramadan so the medina was a bit of a ghost town at times and we couldn't achieve all we had set out to do.

So the next visit in December has a fully organised schedule of hole drilling, plant buying/planting and lots of other stuff that I would have to consult my list about if I was to remember them all. I don't envisage a great deal of time trawling the medina or the mellah for a nice piece - similar in size (approx 1.5 - 1.8m long), but not necessarily in style to the image here.

Unfortunately there's nothing more I'd like than to spend a few days trawling for a sideboard, but it reality it won't happen.

So if anyone out there (in Fez that is, or the environs) has or knows someone who's selling what we want, get in touch. The dirhams are waiting...