Sunday, 27 April 2008

For Sale - the lot!

I am moving out....(sad but true) and I have stuff to sell/possibly give away to the right friendly person... Lizzie

Scrabble set (20dhs)
Card games (Set/Uno/Decks of Playing Cards) (name a price and they are
Wooden Clothes hangers (20 dhs for about 10 or 15 of them)
Clothes shelfy-unit (50dhs)
Cable box/numerique device thingie (uhh)
Winter buta gas heater (it works really) (200dhs)
Large red area rug (needs washing) (75dhs)
Wooden coffee table (100 dhs)
Beautifully carved tiny end table (75dhs)
2 bedside lamps (25 dhs/ 50 dhs)
Clothes travel hanging thing (free)
Desk set (paper clips and highlighters, mini paints and all that) (10 dhs)
Goggles (blue in case you are wondering) (10 dhs)
Bible in French

For the more ambitious, we also have numerous desks and bookshelves
(150 or 200 dhs).

Just email me anytime if you want to come
over and see the stuff this weekend (I live in the Oudayas)...there
may in fact be a lot more, I just don't know what it is yet....and
yes, we are in Morocco, so bargaining is always a possibility.
(especially on non-desirables like the buta gas heater)