Saturday, 15 May 2010

Looking for Accommodation (and Possibly Work)

I'm looking for a place to stay in Morocco (Essaouira preferably, but not specifically - Fez looks pretty interesting) for a few months. I'm not a tourist, and not interested in tourist-type places.

I'm a graphics and web designer with twenty years' experience behind me, currently working on personal projects in Southern Spain, and looking to move on. I need a cheap place to rent with an internet connection. Something simple, I'm really not fussy. The internet and the rent are the only important things.

I'm native-fluent in English, spoken and written, have a basic/reasonable grasp of Spanish, but my French is limited, to say the least. I do, however, like languages generally (particularly etymology) and like the idea of revisiting my secondary school French is more than interesting.

I have some travel experience (a few years in and around Central/South America), but know nothing of North Africa.

If you can help with a place, or would consider accommodation in exchange for me building you a website (or other computer stuff - I'm pretty familiar with most of it), I'd be more than happy.

Money is the biggest issue. I really don't have very much at all.

If any of this sounds of interest, email me at