Friday, 22 March 2013

Pen Friend Wanted!

I am writing to you hoping that you can help me. I am an avid reader of your blog, its wonderful.

I am hoping to come and live in Morocco in about a years time and am looking for as much info as pos. We are a muslim UK based family hoping to come and find a bit more knowledge of our religion and to soak up a bit of moroccan peace and spirituality.

I have been to morocco a few times so I know a bit,however I would really like to be able to contact someone regularly with my endless questions.

I have tried lots of message boards but have only had responses back from men,probably most of which well meaning but for myself a married with children woman having regular contact with young moroccan men is a little awkward.

 I was therefore wondering if you know of a moroccan lady with email who would be able to give advice on living in morocco,learning arabic,quran studies?

Please respond to The View from Fez and put "Pen friend" in the subject line