Sunday, 14 January 2007

Foreign property agents in the Fez Medina.

A small point I feel moved to make! I already know and love Morocco from the past 27 years, have two half Moroccan sons but until now I didn't have the means to buy a property here for them to have a foot in both their cultures.

I got lucky! So I recently came to Fes to find a small house and discovered that nearly all the intermediaries are English or French or American. I find that weird,
especially as many of them profess to want to "help save the Medina".

I easily found a great Moroccan intermediary who has been brilliant. He's patient, not pushy, totally honest, and he's working hard in his own town,where he was born, to make a living and get a better life. I actually find it pretty unethical for all the foreigners (probably all lovely individuals) to be making money from selling houses in Fes Medina especially when they are probably already making a killing on the Fes property market.


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