Monday, 15 January 2007

Response to Skierans

While I agree that it's ideal for Moroccans to be restoring the homes
in the medina, unfortunately, most simply do not have the means. Whilst Moroccan simsaars do a good business, many friends who've used one have found that they're shown houses which require years of work, being sold as "restored."

Another issue is the fact that many Moroccans are simply not interested in this kind of work. Take Meknes, for example - home to approximately five riads in a medina that could host a hundred more. Why? Foreigners haven't yet discovered Meknes as a possibility (or have and decided the city isn't lively enough to live in). All of the restored riads/guesthouses in Meknes are Moroccan-owned, and well-done, but five? Why only five? Because well-to-do Meknassis prefer to buy swank apartments in the ville nouvelle!

As I said, ideally, Moroccans would be taking ownership and pride in
the medina. But since few are, is it preferable to just let it decay?

Jillian York.